Nov. 11th, 2009

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2am. Swollen, tear stained eyes made my face feel puffy, which made me feel like I was literally drowning and suffocating in myself. I stood in the shower, not washing, just letting the water beat at me whilst cleansing me. 2am, I didn't bother being quiet.

I held my breath as I glugged my blackcurrant juice concentrate and water mix.
the taste of the fecal impaction medicine hits straight away. it's not bad, nor is it pleasant.
I've always hated chugging drinks, preferred to sip. But I had to finish this. I took another large drink of my magic medicine again and the moment it slipped down it decided to slip straight back up again, bringing along some of the smaller contents of my stomach with it.

I had spent the previous two hours with my head in a toilet, trying to vomit, with no success. this was option two. and I was going to make it work, wether my stomach liked it or not.

I swallowed my blackcurrant juice, laxative and bile all in one delicious gulp.

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This is my account of my vanishing act. Diagnosed Bulimic/BPD. I live in a tiny room with my rabbit. I'm 21, and I like writing and cups of coffee.

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