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So I found THIS POST on OhNoTheyDidn't @ LJ today. Discussing 'thigh gaps oh no'.

And it referred to this picture of Alexa Chung that she was forced to remove due to excessive hatred about her thin frame:

So she took it down. And this article mentions it again. SHOCKING. Look how THIN she is, it's DISGUSTING, such a BAD EXAMPLE omg.

In a way, I can see their point. To be underweight IS unhealthy and bad for the body and shouldn't be promoted.

... I'd just like to flip this argument for a moment.

What if I were to comment on this photograph of how SHOCKING it is because I mean look how FAT she is it's DISGUSTING such a BAD EXAMPLE.

Being overweight is unhealthy and bad for the body and shouldn't be promoted. So why don't we attack the fatties if we're going to attack the skinnies? Why do they get away with it?

Leave EVERYONE alone and shut the fuck up about it, it's events and online bullying campaigns like the one against Alexa that makes this a fucking issue. Let's not promote or draw attention to unhealthy body types at either end of the spectrum.
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This is my account of my vanishing act. Diagnosed Bulimic/BPD. I live in a tiny room with my rabbit. I'm 21, and I like writing and cups of coffee.