Nov. 1st, 2012 04:39 pm
bulimicbunny: (Bliss)
[personal profile] bulimicbunny
Room smells faintly of vomit. My head is pounding. I've got a stomach full of laxatives and whatever I didn't manage to bring up.
The guy I like isn't talking to me much, I feel ignored/mixed signals I don't understand.
but I don't need anyone as long as I'm thin.
As long as my grades are high and the numbers on the scale is low.
that's all I need to focus on.
Life's about balance.
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bulimicbunny: (Default)


This is my account of my vanishing act. Diagnosed Bulimic/BPD. I live in a tiny room with my rabbit. I'm 21, and I like writing and cups of coffee.